After the ‘Nakba’ (catastrophe) in 1948 resulting to ethnic cleansing of 2/3 of the Palestinian population, they were continued to be denied the right of statehood and self determination by the state of occupation that started since 1967. For 60 years, thousands of innocent lives have been murdered, families are forced out of their homes, and treated mercilessly with unjust.

Following the recent attacks in GAZA on the 27th of December, over three hundred Palestinians have been killed and around 1,400 have been injured in a series of air raids on the Gaza Strip. The numbers are continuing to significantly rise.

In response to this, Federation of Students Islamic Societies, (FOSIS) Ireland, together with Malaysians Muslim Students Association Ireland (PPIMI), Islamic Medical Association Malaysia (IMAM), and Kelab UMNO Dublin (KUD) would like to extend our concern towards the victims of inhumanity in Palestine.

We have agreed to join together to mobilise the students population in universities and colleges to fundraise and create awareness towards aiding and liberating the state and people of Palestine. These will be done through numerous methods and will be initiated through our organizations from now until the 15th of February 2008.

Fund raised will be transferred directly to Islamic Relief which is now among the charity organization actively working in GAZA.

We urge each and every one of you to be a part of and support our cause by:

1. Donate generously:
a. Transfering funds directly to:
BANK NAME: AIB Clonskeagh
ACC NAME: Federation of Student Islamic Societies
ACC NO: 18102047
SORT CODE: 93-11-87

BANK NAME: Mohd Nubli F B H Mustapa
ACC NAME: Northern Bank
ACC NO: 60016993
SORT CODE: 950149

please enter statement as ‘For Gaza’

b. Visiting:


c. Joining us and donating through our upcoming fundraising activities

2. keeping yourself updated of:
a. Fundraising and awareness campaign activities we will be organizing
b. The latest news regarding Palestine. We will be distributing and posting up links, updates and latest news on the situation in GAZA, Palestine.

FOSIS Facebook and all associated Yahoo Group!

3. Volunteer :
a. Contact us: look out for our activities and contact us to volunteer
b. Organize your own: as we have always managed to obtain from our members, we hope for initiative from individuals (read: YOU) to organize their own fundraising activities and we will try our best to help you out with organizing, money, promotion and etc. The sky is the limit…;-)

4. Support and prayers: last but not least, we hope for your continuous support and prayers for our cause and for our fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine. May this little effort be blessed rahmat (mercy) and redha (blessings) from God and may it be able to aid them.


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