The MYS is made up of both Muslim and non-Muslim members. It gives a chance to represent Islamic culture in the university. We provide facilities for Muslims such as prayer rooms and alcohol-free social events amongst many other things.

This blog is created to give latest information about Islamic issue all around the world via the perspectives of NUIG Muslim students.

Here you can find;

1. Pictures (available)

2. Videos (available)

3. Latest events (available)

4. Update on seerah talk (coming soon)

5. MYS edition (The Green Alley-coming soon)

6. Forum under Have Your Say (available)

7. Thought of the week (in progress)

8. Prayer times (available under link)

9. Music (coming soon)

and much more


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  1. 1

    Asma said,

    Salamou alikom
    i moved to galway recently, as muslim lady and i would like to help if can in charity work that your group is organizing, can you plz let me know how can i join you?

  2. 2

    emilputra said,

    waalaikummussalam. recently, we had charity week. but that was a few weeks ago. we’ll have another activity during january. now is the exam season, so, everybody is slowing down.

    may i know if you’re a student or not? if you’re a student, you can give me your full name and ID no. so that i can register you as members. for any activities, we’ll inform members by e-mail as well as free text message created by nuig. but, if you’re not a student, don’t be disappointed. you can still join us. we’ll post the activities in the blog. you may check the blog as it’s the medium to reach the galway communities as well (which majority are non-nuig students).

    please feel free to e-mail me if you’ve any difficulties. thank you for your interest.

    you can have your say here as well if you have any enquiries or issues to talk or discuss:


    p/s. i’ve also posted in your mail. please read it. thanks

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