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NEXT eire For GAZA


Calling for participants… =)

Details of the event as below:


Muslim Youth Society
Nasyeed Extravaganza 09-A New Beginning
Time:        11:00 - 17:00        
Venue:        Aras Ui Cathail        
Nasyeed Extravaganza (NEXT) is a nasyeed competition that aims to put
forward nasyeed to the public. With that in mind, the Muslim Youth Society
is bringing NexT closer to the Irish community by organizing Nasyeed
Extravaganza Eire (NexT-E) with the aim that it will be an annual event in
Ireland as well. This program is dedicated for Gaza. Fundraising activities
for Gaza will be done. All proceeds will be channeled through Federation Of
Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS). How to join?
 Download the entry form at
http://nexteire2. blogspot. com/2009/ 01/how-to- join.html closing date for
registration is on the 21st of January 2009 (Wednesday).

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Boycott Apartheid Israel


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Nasyeed Extravaganza in Nuig

Aslm wbt..

Seperti yang digembar gemburkan, Muslim Youth Society akan menganjurkan Nasyeed Extravaganza Eire 2009 pada Ahad, 25 January 2008 di Aras Ui Chathail, NUIG. Pertandingan yang bakal menyaksikan kumpulan2 nasyid seluruh Ireland akan dihiasi dengan penampilan khas Syed Muhammad Izzat dari kumpulan Mirwana yang sedang menetap di Cardiff, dan juga Ust Erfino Johari. Program kerjasama antara MYS, MS, PPIMG, FOSIS, ISOC UCD dan ISOC RCSI ini adalah bertemakan ‘A New Beginning’ which symbolizes NexT-E 09 that we hope to become a stepping stone in Ireland. NexT-E will also be dedicated for GAZA. Various fundraising events such as a mini bazaar (a booth dedicated fully for GAZA will be organized by MS), ticket collection (entrance ticket is sold at 3 euros and 2 euros from the ticket will be given to gaza), bucket collection, direct debit campaign (will be explained later by MS, I think), etc. All proceeds will be channeled to GAZA through the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS). Check out http://nexteire. blogspot. com for more info!

Azri B

p/s: help us to spread the news! we are waiting for our representative in Dublin for our official promotional posters.

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New Committee for Palestinian Campaign

Assalamulaikum w.b.t. & Selamat Sejahtera..

insya-ALLAH we are forming a committee for this campaign amongst
malaysian community in Galway & we are open to anyone of you who would
like to join the committee.

Berikut adalah antara perancangan2 sepanjang kempen ini dijalankan :

1. 4 jan – bacaan yassin, solat hajat & tazkirah ringkas di 4 Fairlands
Park (brothers).. jamuan ringkas disediakan & pot luck amat2 lah

2. Charity sale during Intervarsity Tournament & NEXT-E

3. Kutipan derma semasa Family Day PPIMG

4. Jumbo Sale

5. Boycott Israel campaign – flyer distribution & poster

6. 10 euro per month personal donation up to one year

7. One day National Fast – fahami kesengsaraan saudara kite di Gaza

8. we are welcoming any personal donation ( from intern, doctors etc )

Further details of each activity will be explained later by time

We are open to discussion & any other ideas.
Most of the event will be funded by MSNuiG..

thanks a million.

From pejuang2 keamanan;

Laksamana bersara Zain (pengasas idea)
Panglima Izzul (penasihat kempen)
Datuk Patinggi Ameen (ketua penerangan)
Brig Jeneral BersaraFakhrulrazi
Ketua Kampung Glendara Mukhlis
Ketua kelas 5 Cempaka Khairi

~~ Kemenangan Islam itu Pasti, Tapi Adakah Anda Sebagai Pemerhati Atau
Pejuang?? ~~

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donate now!

your donation is really needed for plaestine. please click the link below. thank you.

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Shariya Law

controverional poster and event by literature and debate soc, come and give your support

controverional poster and event by literature and debate soc, come and give your support

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Azri’s performing

salam. one of mys committee members is performing nasyid. watch this!

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