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Azri’s performing

salam. one of mys committee members is performing nasyid. watch this!


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The President’s Speech

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Minggu Induksi Galway

salam. this is from azri. k-on tolong uploadkan.

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MYS video 2


hi ppl..this is just another mys promotional video..sorry for the bad video quality..not my fault,seems dat uploading on google wud sacrifice its quality..well,hope u guys enjoy watching it n feel free to leave a comment 🙂

p/s:the vid is actually less than 5mins duration

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MYS VIDEO 1 (first draft)

Salam, everyone! the MYS VIDEO 1 has successfully been done, but, this is only the first draft. now, i need someone to help me with editing the video. i’ll find the way to upload it. and by the way, the pamphlet is also done. now, i’m updating the blog and find materials for the MYS Editions (that have not being named named yet). that’s all. thanks.


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